Pacific Beauty From The Sea And Sky: Leading Aerial Tourism Company Vanuatu Helicopters Gives Cruise Ship Visitors To Vanuatu The Adventure of a Lifetime


By Ciaran Warner

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, the time is ripe for travel lovers in Australia and New Zealand to witness the breath-taking beauty of the Pacific – and there is no better place to do that than the island paradise of Vanuatu.

Dense green jungle, immense canyons, warm sunny beaches and friendly locals – Vanuatu has it all. A trip to Vanuatu is an invaluable opportunity to witness all aspects of nature at its most exotic – and the best part is seeing it all from the sky!

Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu Helicopters is an award-winning flight company that offers a multitude of services both commercial and recreational, but is best-known as the only means of witnessing the majesty of Vanuatu from hundreds of feet in the air.

But how to begin your adventure to Vanuatu? For those who still haven’t ticked “taking a cruise” off their bucket list, affordable and luxurious cruise ships such as the Pacific Dawn, Voyager OTS, The Golden Princess and more will be departing from and arriving at some of the most exquisite points in Vanuatu, including the secret and secluded islet gem of Mystery Island in the Tafea Province, the culture-rich city of Luganville, or the beautiful beaches and lagoon of Champagne Bay.


These luxury vessels can provide the adventure of a lifetime, with casinos, ballrooms, opulent living quarters and extraordinary views from the observation deck just a few of the ways to make your holiday cruise an experience to cherish forever.

These ships also have a thriving nightlife, allowing night-owls the chance to party it up on the high seas. And for dedicated travellers who haven’t yet laid eyes on all Vanuatu has to offer, a cruise to this island sanctuary is an unmissable adventure.

But that’s just the beginning! Upon arrival in Vanuatu, you are presented with a bounty of adventures and the means to see all the wonders the island has to offer – all from the sky.


Based in the vibrant and lively city of Port Vila, where cruise liners can be seen docking and departing regularly, Vanuatu Helicopters is a mere stone’s throw from many of the attractions the thriving capital city has to offer. Shopping, snorkelling, trekking to nearby points of interest, all these and more are available at Port Vila. However, there is only one place to go if you want to take to the skies in this slice of Pacific Paradise – Vanuatu Helicopters.

The flight services offered by Vanuatu Helicopters allow guests to see a different side of Vanuatu’s beauty every time they climb aboard, with flights over such popular sights as Mele Bay, the Cascade Waterfall, the turtles and dugongs of Havannah Harbour, and the mighty Ambrym Volcano.

So if you’re wondering where to go and what to do for your next holiday, why not let Vanuatu Helicopters whisk you away to explore the hidden wonders of Vanuatu?

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About Vanuatu Helicopters:

Winners of the Vanuatu Tourism Award 2013-2014 and 2017-2018, Vanuatu Helicopters are located at the sea wall in central Port Vila, and are the perfect way for travellers to Vanuatu to get a bird’s-eye view of the many extraordinary vistas that the island paradise of Vanuatu has to offer!


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Phone: 0274 587 724








Contact Vanuatu Helicopters:
Address: Located near the Nambawan Café, on the seawall at the Craft Markets, Port Vila.
Phone: + 678 25022







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